Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Martial Training — NBF – Kenryu-Ha

This presentation will be in 4 parts

  1. Void – Kihon
  2. Void – Kihon Applications 
  3. Void  – Kata 
  4. Void  – Kata applications

Part One:  Void – Kihon

The Fighting principles of NBF

  • At Peace – no need for violence 
  • The Void – the moving target
  • The Faint – surprise then attack
  • The Deflect – redirect the attack
  • The Attack – Fast and Furious attacking

The Void:  void is taught first. If you are able to move away from an attack which discourages the attacker, you have fought the fight of no fight. 

Void training is vital before learning the other concepts. Void teached movement, balance, timing, distance and positioning. 

Void training includes four levels of increasing skills:

  • Void Kihon Ichi
  • Void Kihon  Ni
  • Void Kihon San
  • Void Kata – in motion

The advanced Kata: Void Kata takes elements of the Void Kihon and adds fighting movements. A fight situation is not static as shown in the Kihon practice drills. The Void no Kata teaches how to flow with the different individual movements. There is tension, relaxation, hip twisting and snapping movements. 

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