Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
Tonbo vs Knife
The Tonbo is sometimes used in a two stick combination. As it is used here, one hand is free to trap the attacker’s hand. There are many lead-ins that can be used before the first picture. You can use the tonbo as a club and strike at the attacker’s wrist, elbow, knee and ribs before trying the trap as shown in the pictures. Anyone of these strikes, if hard enough can be enough to discourage the attacker.
The finer points of this technique are:
Create a tight hold on the attacker’s wrist.
Twist the wrist to aid in the take down.
Push hard against the attacker’s bicep muscle.
Keep your elbow tight against the attacker’s arm.

Keep the pressure tight from start to finish; if you don’t you will create an opening for the attacker to counter your technique

By Kenryu

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