Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Rank and Dojo License

 Ninshido Bugei Federation. -NFB


Ranks in Ninshido Bugei Federation / Shibata-ryu:

NBF will issue Master Ninshi a certificate for your martial art experience.

Den-I (伝位) Ranks by Scroll Titles

  • Kirigami: entry level. After learning 5 basic principles.
  • Mokuroku: certificate, and entered into official rolls.

Makimono: Scroll, Menkyo: License.

  • Shoden:experience: 3-5 years.
  • Chuden:experience: over 5 years.
  • Okuden Menkyo:experience: over 10 years; with a minimum of 2 years active with NBF
  • Sohden Menkyo:experience: over 20 years; with a minimum of  4 years active with NBF
  • Menkyo Kaiden:experience: over 30 years; with minimum 6 years active with NBF
  • Gokuden:Honorary licence to a holder of Menkyo Kaiden.


Ninshido Bugei Federation Dojo License

Dojo License is awarded to Master Ninshi that operate a Dojo – this a lifetime certificate – With the certificate, the Master Ninshi is allowed to issue Dan Kyu level rank: Rank guidelines are as follows:

  • 1st Dan – Shodan Individuals who have passed an examination and successfully completed the course requirements. Older than 15 years of age when promoted to 1st Kyu.
  • 2nd Dan – Nidan Same as above. More than a year and a half after promotion to shodan (1st Dan).
  • 3rd Dan – Sandan Same as above. More than two years after promotion to nidan (2nd Dan).
  • 4th Dan – Yondan Same as above. More than three years after promotion to sandan (3rd Dan).
  • 5th Dan – Godan Same as above. More than four years after promotion to yondan (4th Dan).
  • 6th Dan – Rokudan Same as above. More than five years after promotion to godan, (5th Dan) Shihan Level
  • 7th Dan – Shichidan Same as above. More than six years after promotion to rokudan (6th Dan). Shihan Level
  • 8th Dan – Hachidan Same as above. More than ten years after promotion to shichidan (7th Dan). Minimum Age 50 years old, reserved for Dojo Headmaster with minimum of 30 years experience
  • 9th and 10th Dan are not to be issued with out the permission of NBF


Requirements for Master Ninshi:
1) Four reports on regional security in your area or on popular tourist attractions
2) One report or essay on the following pdf file from USA Army  – Tactics- tc3-22-69
3) Discussion and your understanding of the basic principals of Ninshido
For more information contact:  Musashi Kenryu, 8th Dan Hanshi, Headmaster NBF /Shobata-ryu